Just two highschoolers enjoying the art of writing

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Today I have taken 5.
Bernie is cute.
I do not know, I do not know.
It just gets so.
Can you record your thoughts?
That would be nice.
Imagine if you could record your thoughts.
It should work, in some way.
It just needs to be playable in a way that can be perceived by us.
Our senses cannot perceive thoughts.
Maybe our dreams can?
How to "record" or save the thoughts?
How to "play" or register the thoughts?
Can you translate thoughts into something?
Voices are translated into electrical impulses, which are then translated back into voices (sound).
Can thoughts be translated into electrical impulses?
Can one register that someone is thinking, and when that someone goes on to think about something else?
Then you have come one step closer, at least.
Can you then "play" that registration in a way that makes those thoughts arise in the recipient's head?
Will the thoughts that are played then mix with the thoughts that the recipient has when said recipient experiences the played thoughts, or will they arise in the recipient's head and said recipient can think his own thoughts above or apart from the played thoughts?
That was all for today.
Now I got tired.
I do not know much.
Productivity is a fun concept.
You are either never productive because nothing has an end, or you are always productive because everything has an end.
What should I do now?
No clue.
Every plan is a nuisance.
Each plan gives me time to judge the activity it involves.
Every spontaneity happens, hidden from my consciousness. Outside of its view. There you can live freely. And enjoy if you enjoy, suffer if you suffer. But nothing is permanent, because there is nothing or no one who thinks about what has happened or what can or should happen, so, then whatever that occurs does not live longer than the time it is.
Time to go, buffalo.
I can probably continue.
For all eternity.
But I do not know what will happen.
Whether this continues to happen.
Does it end?
Does it not end?
Do I exercise control by ending it myself, even though I enjoy it as long as it happens?
If it ends by itself, do I feel that I am empty, and not in control of it, i.e. can not get it back because it was not I who ended it?
If it does not end by itself, i.e. if I end it, what is it that says
I will be able to get it back?
Just because you have the control to be able to do “something,” does not mean that you have the control to get back to the point where you have not done this “something.”
Just because you have the control to bring about an outcome, does not mean that you have the control to bring about the non-existence of that outcome.

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How could you say that?
Say what?
I’ll say it after you’ve told me your reason for saying that.
Say what?
Alright, I’ll say it, but then you have to say it.
You asked me a question, and now you want to say something?
Not want to, as much as need to, it seems, in order for us to proceed.
A necessity. Then, by all means.
What. There, I said it. Now you tell me.
Tell you what?
The reason for you saying what you said.
Say what?
No, I’ve already done that. It’s your turn.
Fair enough. The reason I said it was that of it being a necessity. I could not bear the unease of it being untold brought about within me. Deeming that said feeling would subside by orating the subject matter, I proceeded in such manner.
Would the feeling not have subsided otherwise?
It would. All emotions do.
Then, why did you say it?
Due to impatience, to be honest.
And that particular action had its consequences, did it not?
That is the case with actions, yes.

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Good morning.
Good morning, sir.
Did you say something?
Excuse me?
For what?
“Did you say something?”
That’s not so nice.
What isn’t?
Copying someone.
Well, I can’t argue with that.
Yet you did it.
Just right now.
What did I say?
“Did you say something?”
”What did I say?”
All right, that’s it. Now you’re just being facetious. First, you repeat me and now you're repeating yourself. If this is how you wish to continue, we might as well just end it.
“Excuse me” is an expression, used by me in this case, for not hearing what you said. It’s not my fault that you interpreted it imperatively.
Well, in that case, did you say something?
All right, then, you may enlighten me.
I think you’ve had enough of that for one day.
“Excuse me.”
It’s all right. We all make mistakes, as I did with my previous interpretation. You are excused.
Don’t forget your current one.
I’ve just about had it with you, mister!